Collaborating five and a half girls

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Collaborating five and a half girls

Post  Sean on Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:33 am

Wingmen actual and potential, being advocates for original content, may be interested in a brilliant web series that just began. Five And A Half Girls is an innovative collaboration video project… produced entirely by one charismatic young woman extraordinarily skilled with a wide variety of accents and voice impersonations.
Calling herself Miss Cupcake, she has awesomely designed five characters with distinct styles, personas and back stories, connected by a seven degrees of separation. The half girl is Miss Cupcake herself, who is the voice and genius behind them all— and who will be playing herself, playing herself.
She is constructing an interactive narrative not only by performing each character, but also writing and directing them. Reaching out from America, England and Australia, each girl is assigned their own weekday, on which they will post a new video every week.
Sequentially, they are Britiny, Ashley, Danielle, Lucy Lou, and Tiffany. The premise is that each week, they will tell us about themselves, comment on a particular topic, and engage in challenges or requests given by the audience. Also, she intends to occasionally feature guest appearances from other characters to showcase more of her impressive and extensive voice emulation talents.
This isn’t merely a girl playing dress up and doing voices… she has created fully developed and realistic people. Miss Cupcake totally immerses herself into these roles and completely disappears into the characters. She totally brings the girls to life!
What happens next?

Watch her personal site, where she demonstrates her vast repertoire:


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