Crunchies: Vote for Artemis - Let's Get A Win for AE!

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Crunchies: Vote for Artemis - Let's Get A Win for AE!

Post  Zathman on Fri Dec 05, 2008 7:50 pm
Jessica Stover via (Nov 22. 2008) wrote:If you’re not familiar, TechCrunch is a weblog about technology and companies. Their Technorati rank is consistently #2, they have over a million feed subscribers and, thanks to a tip sent in by WINGMAN John, they were also one of the first influential sources to report on ARTEMIS ETERNAL. During said tip-off John coined the term “crowd-funding” in regards to ARTEMIS, and the word has been making the rounds ever since. The Crunchies are TechCrunch’s awards show and competition celebrating “technology and tenacity.”

I'm not obsessive about awards, but they are good for the project and I do like to see our team and community recognized for their hard work and extraordinary vision when fitting. So thanks to WINGMAN KL for the badge links above and please nominate happily before December 10th!

from Scroll #1099

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